Thursday, October 04, 2007

RSS and Aggragators

In one of his posts on Tuesday, eLearning Insider available via RSS, Brent Schlenker wrote about using Learning2.0 and Web2.0 tools. One point that caught my eye was,

While its great that you might implement blogs, wikis, and RSS for your school, company, or organization, its even more important that you start using these tools yourself as personal development tools. Its up to YOU to investigate changing your daily habits and workflow.

This is particularly interesting to me because over the past few months I have been trying to update my use of these tools as I seek to gain control over my learning. By so doing I will know both cognitively and experientially how to best recommend these tools to others for whom I work. I have been using bloglines now for a few years and it works quite well for me. However, as Brent went on to write, "Consuming it all requires new forms of organization and scanning." This is something that I continually struggle with. I have been a slow reader since youth; or at least I am never satisfied with my reading speed. There always seems to be more material to try to consume than time to devote to reading. Consequently, I was very pleased to see Brent's recommendation to check out Pageflakes. I tried it and very quickly decided it is a tool which I need to add to my Web2.0 arsenal.

I recommend you give it a look.

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Sue Waters said...

Hi John - as unofficial supporter of Google Reader I have to say give iGoogle and Google Reader a go. This is how I manage my information and I have become really good at reading quickly.

Trick is read the title, first sentence of each paragraph -- if doesn't grab you move onto next post.


Brent Schlenker said...

Hi John,
I'm glad my post was helpful for you...and hopefully for your readers as well.
Like Sue, I use iGoogle and Google Reader exclusively now. However, the prebuilt Pageflakes page for elearning is very comprehensive and I do check it out every now and then.
Its important that all educators begin to use these tools or else they will never be able to use them effectively when teaching their students. I would encourage your readers to also check WillRichardson. His Keynote from his last conference is also up at Good stuff in that.
Thanks again!