Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Day - New Year

Today starts a new semester and a new school year at SDSU. Much has happened since my last post just over one year ago. (Hmmm, so much for Edtec Student's Daily...) Well, never mind. As the title suggests, today is a new day in a new year.

I am now over two-thirds of the way through the MA in Educational Technology at SDSU. It has been a very good program, as I knew it would be, and I have learned much. Nevertheless, there is still a great deal more to learn. Even after I finish the program I am sure I will only be starting to skim the surface of knowledge about educational technology. If nothing else, the program is teaching me how little I know about the field and how very much more I need to learn. Knowing what one does not know is a good beginning of knowing.

This fall (2005) I am taking one three-semester-hour class and three one-semester-hour classes. My big class is Distance Education taught by Dr. Farhad Saba. The three smaller classes are (1) Wikis as Tools for Collaborative Learning and Knowledge Management, (2) Advanced Digital Video, and (3) Electronic Teaching Portfolios. I am also taking the comprehensive exams (Comps) this semester. That should prove a good opportunity for me to review my educational technology knowledge to date. All in all it looks like a good semester ahead.

Join in for the ride.